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Scott Hamilton
2016-07-14, 15:20
I just called "the Color Works" to ask about having my tailgate fixed. The technician (Ken) took the time to search his database to help me, then offered a solution that would save me money, by looking at alternatives that would not bring money to his business. This level of integrity and concerns for his customers is rare in today's competitive environment. If I lived in Fayetteville, I'd bring this distinguished gentleman all of my business.
2016-03-18, 22:47
The folks at Color Works did a beautiful job on my car!! They were very professional and helpful through the process. They even cleaned it beautifully!!! I would highly recommend them and would definitely do business with them again!!!
Jami Huntsinger
2015-07-25, 02:23
They did an absolutely amazingly beautiful job fixing my car. The service was wonderful, and my car looks brand new. Thanks!
2013-07-03, 17:23
Had an insurance claim on being rear-ended and wanted to direct it locally. No regrets, top quality service, reasonable rates, and respectful communication about what to realistically expect. The car looks new from the rear now! On top of the insurance claim part we needed a door handle that Grandma broke off using it as a lever to stand up and the price was exceedingly reasonable. They told me the price was the same/just as good even if I wasn't having other work, so I wished I'd discovered them sooner, since other inquiries led to the idea that the door handle would cost a lot more.